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Pomer Pools is a locally based West Los Angeles company.
Our services include new concrete pools, spas and pool renovations in addition to hardscapes and decking which instantly enhance your backyard atmosphere. All pools are custom made and feature limitless design options ranging from hillside infinity pools to the perfect tropical.

We appreciate that every project is uniquely different and we are committed to providing high quality, tailor-made solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our projects are supervised by the owner, Ron Pomerantz. We are a boutique, hands-on company that allows for superior quality control of your construction site. Because we have been building in this area for over 15 years, we have been able to attract and retain loyal crews that are the most experienced and talented in Los Angeles.

We warranty our work to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 3 years from the date the project is completed.
New equipment, installed by our company, carries a manufacturer’s
warranty of 3 years, parts and labor.

The cost of a pool can vary widely. Similar to building a home, the cost will depend upon the size, features, equipment, materials selected, and the terrain of the property. Our pool projects start at $100,000.

You will be surprised at how a small backyard can have the most innovative design. Good builders can design an enjoyable backyard no matter the size.

No. There are only a few times that we need you to be home during construction.

Yes, it does. Normally you will receive an estimated 75%-100% of the value of the pool. Keep in mind, the more you decorate the backyard with landscaping, the more money you will get back on the pool.

Step 1 – Design
Pomer Pool’s design professionals are experts in the design of swimming pools and spas, interactive and automated equipment and systems. Our design team will help you bring your vision into a beautiful and functional design, and ensure that the pool & spa portion of your project runs smoothly and seamlessly from start to finish.

We will meet you at your backyard for a consolation, listen to your vision and answer any questions you might have on the process. The design team will put your ideas to work and prepare a 3-D drawing of your future pool. Next you will select the finish materials for your project (tile, copping, etc)

Step 2 – Permitting
The next step is to pull the necessary permits required for residential swimming pool zoning and construction.

Step 3 – Layout
Once the swimming pool plans are approved by the city and the required permits have been pulled, the construction process is ready to begin! We will then meet with you onsite for a Pre-Construction meeting to go over each construction stage and answer any and all questions before the actual construction begins.

Now the pool is ready to be “staked out” or outlined with form boards. This is done with great care to ensure the pool is placed in the exact location specified on the approved construction plans and is compliant with local city codes and regulations.

Step 4 – Excavation
This is when things start to get exciting! Once the pool’s location and elevation have been set and approved, the excavation is ready to begin. Excavation is an unavoidably dirty and messy process. Our Excavation Crew will carefully dig and hand-trim the pool according to the approved design, plans, and specifications. This process usually takes a few days and is dependent on soil and weather conditions.

Step 5 – Structural Steel
The formation of the pool is then reinforced with steel rebar. Steel rebar is placed horizontally and vertically, forming a rigid contoured grid, this creates the backbone of your swimming pool. Tie wires are placed at some of the intersections, tying the steel together. Block spacers are also placed under the steel to help hold the steel above the soil, keeping it in place for the concrete.

Step 6 – Plumbing/Electrical
Now it is time for the installation of the plumbing, which includes the main drain lines, skimmers, and return lines. Any additional lines needed for enhancements such as waterfalls, raised spas and cleaning systems will be installed at this time as well. The electrical conduits for the pool equipment power and pool lights will then be installed along with the breaker box for the pool equipment.

Now the equipment is ready to be put in. We specifically design the plumbing and electricity for each pool to ensure it has optimal circulation and filtration. Hydraulic calculations are performed to make sure that all the equipment is working at its best leaving you with crystal clear water and low maintenance.

Step 7 – Shotcrete/ Gunite
Probably the most exciting step, Shotcrete/Gunite is a wet-mix application of concrete material that is pneumatically applied and formed into the shape of your pool. This process results in an extremely compacted and strong concrete structure.

Step 8 –  Waterproofing
Waterproof is the ultimate all-in-one membrane and bond material that will provide extra protection from water leaks.

Step 9- Tile and Coping
The copping and tile selected during the design process is now installed.

Step 10 – Equipment Set, Electric & Gas
Now it is time to finish with the plumbing and electrical by having the equipment delivered and installed. This includes all pumps, filters, heaters, LED lights, and any other optional equipment chosen.

Step 11- Plastering
This is the final stage of pool construction! Plaster is applied, which creates a watertight seal between the pool water and the rough underlying surface. Then the pool is filled with water.

Step 12 – Start-Up
Once the pool has reached the proper water level, Pomer Pools will return to “Start-Up” the filter pump and other equipment and confirm everything is working properly. As soon as this part of the process is finished we will walk you through how to operate and maintain your beautiful new pool and provide complete instructions.

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It's Time To Build Your Dream Pool!